Who are we? 

We are a different kind of restaurant featuring  Delicious, home-style meals!   

Connie and Michael Luna (Mother and Son).  Connie worked for the last 25 years as a private rail car chef. Michael started cooking as a child; his expertise being great soups (He's known as The Ladle King.)


Our philosophy about food is simple

1. Food should be delicious.

2. Food should be good for you.

As much as possible, we use organic products. Both our Chicken and Turkey are organic.
Our beef is Niman Ranch. We purchase most of our produce from local organic farms.
We don't deep-fry any of our foods. We don't even have a deep fryer,
Mainly olive or canola oils are used. Many of our meals and desserts are gluten free.
Salt and sugar are used as sparingly as possible.


We are All-American (5th and 6th generation Californians) and our food will reflect what makes our country great; every nationality in the world.  We won't compete with the numerous Mexican, Asian and Indian restaurants, but some of our entrees will be German, Russian, English, Irish, French as well as New Orleans, Southern and Western. 

Our style is home cooked comfort food; honest; wholesome; sometimes old-fashioned
with a variety of recipes ; many created right here in our kitchen.

Drop by anytime, or order your menu selections in the morning & pick up your lunch and dinner at your convenience.  Enjoy it here or take it with you to enjoy at home.  



(925) 370-3705